vue® Vehicle Undercarriage Examiner

vue® Vehicle Undercarriage Examiner

Maximize Visual Information to Detect and Secure


The Vehicle Undercarriage Examiner vue® is an intelligent imaging system that provides high-resolution images of railcar undercarriage at speeds of up to 70 mph. The system uses high resolution technology combined with artificial intelligence to create unparalleled imagery and detection. Top and/or side panorama views and thermal imaging are modules that can be added to the system.

The vue® automates the inspection process and provides mechanical teams the latest technology to improve and optimize railcar inspections. The system reduces online failures due to mechanical defects, improve rail yard and network velocity, and make railroads safe and secure.

High Definition

Intelligent Scanning System

How it Works




System Benefits


Reduce Dwell Time / Increase ROI

Identify Defects & Intrusion

Safe, Efficient, & Reliable Remote Monitoring

Easy Integration to Existing Railroad Systems