truevue360 Taking Connected Intelligence, a Step Beyond

It's All About Connected Intelligence


truevue360 is our fully integrated platform that utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI), including Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Object Detection and Deep Neural Network-based processing for real-time applications. We develop and deploy turn-key intelligent applications that provide highly accurate results to automate and optimize our customer’s operations.

truevue360 offers an “Artificial Intelligence as a Service” (AIaaS) solution that can be hosted in the cloud, on premise or on the edge. All that you need to provide are business requirements and a data stream. truevue360 will do the rest.

truevue360 offers a yearly subscription-based solution that includes model retraining, technical updates and 24/7 support.

We specialize in innovation and creativity that produces operational efficiencies, increased situational awareness and the ability to address our customer’s needs instantaneously.

How truevue360 Works



truevue360 will work with you to define your business requirements and how to best integrate into your environment


truevue360 will assist in determining the best data acquisition and A.I. method to import data into the model


truevue360 will determine the appropriate A.I. technology and model to best evaluate your data stream



truevue360 will train the model with your data stream to learn required traits about your data


truevue360 models are tuned to best determine an accurate prediction of successful results


truevue360 will assist integrating into your existing environment in the cloud, on premise or on the edge



truevue360 will autonomously continue to train using expanded data sets

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