Virtual Security Shield

Intelligent security perimeters for all facility types & applications

Virtual Security Shield

Our vssTM Virtual Security Shield is a state-of-the-art intelligent video surveillance system that establishes a secure virtual boundary along the perimeter of any area. The vssTM monitors the identified area 24/7/365 and automatically generates alarms / alerts if an object violates the sterile zone.

The vssTM features day / night video cameras controlled by our praesidiumTM Video Management Platform software that includes both the video analytics application as well as a comprehensive distributive alarm management (DAM) engine. When a breach of the vssTM is detected, the incoming video feed is processed by the software to visualize the type and location of the breach. An audio alarm will sound at the viewing station and other designated locations. The screen graphic shows the pickup camera and intrusion zone. The art to this practice is to account for a variety of constantly changing environmental conditions so that false positive events can be mitigated thus virtually eliminating false alarms.

Duostech first created the concept intelligent secure perimeters in 2002 and coined the term “virtual fence”.  At this time, Duostech developed and deployed a seven mile secure corridor for a variety of agencies through the heart of metropolitan Washington D.C.  This model became a nationwide design standard for physical security and is still in demand today.

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