Rail Tunnel & Bridge Security Solutions

Robust & reliable intelligence & situational awareness for rail tunnels & bridges

Our solutions remotely monitor and secure bridges and rail tunnels. The technology-based applications enable railroad operators to reduce liability, assure on-time performance, and improve rail yard operations without adding personnel. Our sensor-based systems allow for the remote operation of a moveable bridge from a central location, enabling inspection of the rail car loading process at multiple sites.

Our range of solutions are based on our flagship praesidiumTM technology. We substitute cutting-edge technology for inefficient and time consuming manual processes. This allows for remote monitoring of isolated areas or assets that are traditionally hard to observe.  By combining a group of sensors into an integrated system that meets multiple objectives, we are able to improve operations and ROI while adding critical security.

Security solutions include:

Additional operational solutions can be incorporated including:

  • Remote Drawbridge Controls
  • camia Collision Alert Monitoring & Impact Analysis