plss® Precision Linear Speed Sensor

Multi-Sensor Speed Measurement System

The plss® Precision Linear Speed Sensor is a specially designed system that provides extremely high resolution, non-contact train speeds accurate to within 0.1 MPH. In addition to speed measurement, this specifically designed sensor array natively provides a variety of features to improve situational awareness of train movements and track conditions around the deployed area.

Linear Speed Sensor

Installed speed sensor with wheel perspective

plss® Precision Linear Speed Sensor offers:

Non-Invasive Rail Mounting – The bar(s) attach directly to the rail using rare earth magnets, eliminating the need to penetrate the rail for installation. These magnets also provide tremendous stability and security for the system.

Flexible Communications – The system includes multiple methods of network communications including direct connect Category 5/6e copper, embedded cellular modem, and optional direct connect fiber optic connections

Open Standards Data Flow – Data and information flow is performed using out patent-pending dejavue controller board. This provides the local processing for the attached sensors and includes an embedded web server. All sensors terminate to this board to capture and process the different data streams.

Multiple System Interconnectivity – An unlimited number of these systems can be seamlessly integrated together into a single operator interface and data consolidation point using our centraco® Command & Control Software platform.

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