vue® Vehicle Undercarriage Examiner

High Definition Intelligent Scanning System

Installed system with tie-mounted installation


  • Mechanical Inspection
  • Security Inspection

The vue® Vehicle Undercarriage Examiner is a system embedded between railroad rails that provides extremely high resolution images from the undersides of railcars at speeds over 70 mph. The vue® offers unparalleled high definition imagery and intelligence for security, mechanical and safety inspections.

Numerous features and options are available offering maximum flexibility for end users.  The system captures three (3) distinct views in order to maximize the visual information. The images are then assembled (stitched) to create a continuous panoramic view of the entire length of the railcar’s undercarriage. These images are viewed utilizing the centraco® Command & Control Software platform. This software platform allows controlled and secure distribution of information collected by the system to authorized users through any web browser. With the vue®, railcar undercarriages are able to be remotely inspected safely and efficiently.

Standard features include: plss® Precision Linear Speed Sensor, Linear Panorama Generator, xtdExtreme True Definition Imaging, laser car cutting, ability to integrate image stream with AEI / RFID consist data, structured LED lighting system and others.

Optional modules and features include: Foreign Object Detection (FOD), top and / or side view linear panoramas. Automatic detection of structural deficiencies and thermal imaging for “Hot Spots” for locomotives are under development.

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