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The railroad industry consists of 6 Class 1 railroads, 22 regional and 584 local/short line railroads. Whether you are transporting raw materials, supplies, finished goods, or passengers; railroad safety, security and efficiency are clear priorities.

duostech provides connected intelligence solutions that automate the maintenance inspection and security monitoring of freight and transit railcars. Our systems increase operational safety and decrease inspection costs while providing advanced information to streamline processes and keep rail employees and passengers safe.

The rip® Railcar Inspection Portal is a modular intelligent visualization system that provides real-time detailed 360-degree imaging at track speeds. The rip® can be used for a variety of inspection criteria on mainlines or in yards. The rip can also include additional components including an Automated Pantograph Inspection System (apis®) to provide safe inspection of electrified vehicles and a Vehicle Undercarriage Examiner (vue®) to visualize under the railcar for inspection and intrusion. Machine learning algorithms (A.I.) can also be incorporated to provide an even higher level of maintenance inspection.




  • FRA Mechanical Inspection
  • FRA Safety Inspection
  • Security Inspections
  • Workflow Optimization
  • Wayside Equipment Integration
  • Foreign Object Detection
  • Track Intrusion
  • Bridge & Tunnel Security
  • Platform Security
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection