obliquevue® Oblique Vehicle Undercarriage Examiner

Maximize Visual Information to Detect and Secure


The obliquevue® is an arrangement of 4 high resolution area scan cameras configured and arranged at specific angles of pitch and yaw to provide images at an oblique angle to the train direction of travel. The obliquevue® system is most commonly deployed in pairs with 2 chassis and a total of 8 high resolution area scan cameras facing each other to fully capture the leading and trailing surfaces of transiting equipment. Each high resolution area scan camera is illuminated by a Duos custom designed and fabricated ring light of 6 high power LEDs.

The obliquevue® system is capable of supporting train speeds up to 125MPH by the deliberate triggering of the system to capture various areas of interest on the car or locomotive underside. These areas of interest include truck inner spring nest, traction motor, axles, brake linkages and securement, center bolster, and in most cases tread brake condition. These areas of interest, usually difficult to manually inspect, can provide for identification of defects at train speeds providing identification of any defects before the train enters the next yard.

Oblique High Definition

Intelligent Scanning System

obliquevue® Inspection System


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