Freight Railroad Solutions

We specialize in a variety of solutions from automated inspection to critical infrastructure protection

Beginning in 2001 with automating drawbridges for remote control, and evolving through today developing systems to automatically inspect trains, we are at the forefront of solving problems and challenges for the Class 1 Railroads. Remote rail tunnel and bridge security enables operators to reduce liability, assure on-time performance and improve yard operations, all without adding personnal. Our inspection imaging solutions include:

rip® Railcar Inspection Portal – a modular intelligent visualization system that provides real-time detailed 360 degree imaging up to 70 MPH.

vue® Vehicle Undercarriage Examiner – a high definition intelligent scanning system that produces images from the undersides of railcars.

plss® Precision Linear Speed Sensor – a multi-sensor speed measurement system that provides non-contact speeds accurate to 0.1 MPH

We strive to be a valued partner with the rail freight industry. Rail freight transport possesses unique security, inspection and optimization needs. Duostech is at the forefront of creating smart solutions for those needs.  Much of our product and system development has occurred for the Class 1 Freight Railroad industry and we have the experience and expertise to get the job done well.

Applications Include:

  • FRA Mechanical Inspection Criteria
  • FRA Safety Inspection Criteria
  • Security Inspections
  • Workflow Optimization
  • Wayside Equipment Integration

All of these systems originated with a conceptual idea from the railroads and were successfully deployed by our team around the country.

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