Healthcare Solutions

Intelligent solutions that allow security personnel to more effectively monitor and protect patients and staff

Hospital security challenges personnel charged with the task. Building security, grounds security, parking garage security, patient security, newborn security, staff security, pharmacy and pharmaceuticals security and data security are just some of the areas of critical concern. Recognizing this, Duos Technologies stepped up to provide digital video surveillance capabilities and other unique products for the health care sector. In fact, Duostech has hardened virtually all Baptist Health South Florida (largest not-for-profit health care organization in the region), as well as those of other major health care providers, with considerable success.

Some of the health care applications we have successfully hardened include:

Duostech’s approach to critical high-risk hospital security is the design and installation of custom, turnkey intelligent digital video security and surveillance systems. Duostech’s robust, fully scalable live video monitoring systems with real-time, intelligent video capability allow hospital security personnel to more effectively monitor and protect patients and hospital staff. Using an IP-based architecture as a foundation, an intelligent Duostech video surveillance system employs multi-camera video servers and customized software interfaces so users can simultaneously view and control cameras positioned throughout the facility while archiving images at the push of a button.

Some of the health care solutions provided by Duos Technologies: