Government Agencies


Providing Advanced Intelligent Solutions for Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies


Government facilities around the globe are increasingly challenged to ensure both personnel and physical property is safe and secure, while at the same time having to utilize many different security technologies, many of which that may be outdated or proprietary causing inefficient and slower event response and increased costs.

Duos solutions are used throughout government agencies to provide connected intelligence for all your systems and upgrade the digital footprint to provide redundancy, efficiency, and cost savings. In addition, we can help improve security response by providing an integrated and simplified user interface to enhance real-time situational awareness and response management.

With over 20 years of experience delivering this level of integration with streamlined, turnkey solutions that include applied intelligence to a myriad of technical systems, duostech creates and implements the solutions necessary to protect critical infrastructure, employees, and the public with advanced software and hardware technology.


  • System Consolidation & Integration
  • Process and Workflow Automation
  • Rail Inspection / Detection
  • CFATS/CPAT Compliance