dcVue® Data Center Asset Management

dcVue® Data Center Asset Management

Use Intelligent Asset Audit Technology to Manage Mission Critical Assets


dcVue®, state-of-the-art technology services is Duos Technologies data center infrastructure division for IT Asset Management (ITAM). Our enterprise system utilizes intelligent bar code scanning technology, which quickly and seamlessly provides accurate, cataloged results for data center asset inventory and audit services.

We have over 15 years of experience physically reviewing Data Center equipment and documenting customer defined attributes associated to each piece of equipment such as location, make, model, asset tag, serial number, number of blades, and power connectivity. Our team of trained professionals will quickly and efficiently gather the required data without disruption to your data center’s operation. All of the solutions can be offered as service or through licensing, the end-user can perform the service internally.

duostech has provided IT asset management services across all industries as well as state and federal government agencies.

ITAM Solutions


ITAM Data Verification/Validation [2]


  • Quick asset verification with data set comparison report

Audit Verification

  • Mobile inventory auditing solution
  • Confirm the presence or absence of assets, the addition of new assets since the last audit, as well as the movement of assets within the data center

[2] ITAM data that requires verification and validation

ITAM Audit Services


System Benefits


Easily Integrated with DCIM Platforms

Improve Accuracy of Asset Information

Reduce Downtime for Maintenance & Repairs


Optimize Equipment Planning & Purchase

Real-Time Asset Location Synchronization

Simplified User Interface