Commercial & Industrial Industries

Commercial & Industrial Solutions

Intelligent Technology to Automate, Integrate, and Streamline Operations


Our extensive array of smart technology for commercial industrial solutions are designed to maximize productivity, efficiency, safety and security at virtually any type of facility. We use connected intelligence to automate logistics processes including gatehouse operations, rail spur inspection processes, and visualization / security integrations. All systems are based upon our centraco® Command and Control Software platform which allows for complete visibility of an unlimited number of systems and subsystems such as video management, access control, yard management, warehouse management, and others.

All employees engaged in this industry are certified by the Department of Homeland Security to handle CVI or Chemical Vulnerability Information related to CFATS (Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards) compliance.



  • Process and workflow automation
  • System consolidation & integration (YMS/WMS, etc.)
  • Facility safety and security
  • CFATS/CPAT compliance
  • Rail Spur inspection/detection