centraco® Command & Control Software

centraco® Command & Control Software

Enterprise Information Management Software


centraco® is an Enterprise Information Management Software platform that consolidates data and events from multiple sources into a unified and distributive user interface. Customized to the end user’s Concept of Operations (CONOPS), It provides improved situational awareness and data visualization for operational objectives. centraco® is the software that comes with all of our solutions and is the differentiator that brings it all together.

centraco® can support the integration of data from existing systems, including cameras and other sensor-based systems, within the same user interface. With centraco®, authorized personnel can simultaneously view, monitor and analyze data and other events from multiple geographic locations.

Auto-check monitors the health and status of all the connected devices and network. centraco® is a valuable multi-layered command and control interface that functions as the central point for information consolidation, connectivity and communications. Numerous industries – rail, industrial, government to name a few, have greatly benefited from the centraco® platform.



  • Video Management Software
  • Physical Access Control
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • RADAR & LIDAR Systems
  • CBNRE Systems
  • Building Controls
  • RFID/Asset Tracking
  • VOIP/SIP/IP Telephony & Radio Systems
  • Most IT/IP based technology systems

User Interface

rip® centraco® User Interface


Railcar Inspection Portal

Automate and streamline your railcar inspection process. Reduce dwell time and increase system velocity.


apis® centraco® User Interface


Automated Pantograph Inspection System

Safely inspect electrified vehicles while protecting power infrastructure and minimizing unscheduled down time.


icas® centraco® User Interface


Intelligent Correctional Automation System

Digital technology that is secure, easy to use, and cost effective. Parallel system installation with built in triple redundancy.