alis® Automated Logistics Information System

alis® Automated Logistics Information System

Fast Track Your Distribution Centers Through Automation, Technology, and Integration


The alis® system automates the distribution center and gatehouse operations in order to leverage technology as a force multiplier to achieve economies of scale.

Duos Technologies replaces traditional gatehouse operations with turn-key deployment of an intelligent, multi-sensor system that eliminates manual processes and uses centraco® Command and Control Software to consolidate data query and storage.

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Fast track your distribution centers through automation, technology, & integration



How it Works




System Benefits


Lower Costs Through Technology

Increase Transaction Accuracy & Prevent Loss

Eliminate Bottlenecks & Enhance Tracking

Amplify Speed & Efficiency in Processes

alis® Webinar A duostech webinar featuring alis® Automated Logistics Information System GATEHOUSE AUTOMATION SOLUTIONS LEARN MORE