About Duos Technologies, Inc.

Global Provider of Intelligent Technology Solutions

Since our inception in 1990, Duos Technologies, Inc. (Duostech) has provided a broad variety of sophisticated, technology-based applications to a growing range of clientele.  We specialize in automated systems with an emphasis on intelligent digital video and integrated smart Command and Control centers that combine both new and existing equipment and a broad range of smart sensor systems.

Our combined team expertise includes subject matter experts (with years of practical experience) in the diverse fields of mechanical, electrical, chemical, industrial, electronic, and computer engineering, IT, procurement, project management, and construction management. We start with a customer’s rough concept or requirement, and leverage our unique synergy to define, create, enable, and implement a solution to meet those requirements. Our organizational structure and company culture encourage our team members to respond and interact innovatively and proactively to the needs of our customers.

We typically respond best to the challenge when engaged to design, build, and deliver comprehensive turnkey solutions. Should you invite us to develop a challenging, cutting‐edge application, we will reward you with an efficient, seamless, specific state‐of‐the‐art solution, and at a reasonable cost. In most cases, Duostech will commit to a fixed price for a complete turnkey system.

When asked to integrate complex systems into existing infrastructure, we take the responsibility of interacting with your engineering and IT departments. We recognize and are sensitive to system security issues (after all, that’s our business) and unless specifically asked not to, we always include appropriate system protection of your physical and electronic assets.

Most companies drive you toward a cookie‐cutter, “one size fits all” solutions – this is the Duostech “point of difference.” We have a richness of expertise, experience, partnerships, and resources to provide “one-stop- shop” solutions that specifically meet your needs.