Connected Intelligence Solutions

Developing and integrating the most significant technologies in the digital world, our solutions transcend traditional measures with state-of-the-art information technologies such as artificial intelligence and neural networking to provide the latest in innovative system technologies. These systems are fully integrated solutions and demonstrate substantial ROI to customers in the following sectors.

Freight & Transit Railroads

We offer a variety of Engineered Solutions & Systems specific to both freight and transit railroads.  Our systems offer unparalleled performance and reliability to perform the objectives at hand.

Oil, Gas & Petrochemical

Our cutting-edge, intelligent technology solutions offer the latest in complete system integration and situational awareness. 

Distribution Centers

Our Distribution Center Automated Logistics system completely automates the currently manual process of authorizing vehicles and trucks into and out of distribution facilities.

Data Centers

The IT Infrastructure Services group is the premier provider of data center asset/inventory data collection in the industry.

Correctional Facilities

Our innovative solution modernizes the entire system and incorporates modern IP based technologies allowing facilities to have improved process control and streamlined operations.

Border Protection

Our intelligent technologies are a perfect fit to provide improved situational awareness and leverage technology as a force multiplier for inspection processes & security.

Gatehouse Automation Solutions

Jul 29 2020 ‐ Aug 31 2020

A duostech webinar featuring alis® Automated Logistics Information System