Government Solutions

Providing intelligent solutions for Federal, State, County & Municipal Agencies

Our solutions are used extensively throughout government agencies for many different applications.  On September 11, 2001, America joined the growing family of nations exposed to homeland terrorism. We learned that unless we act to prevent it a new wave of terror, potentially involving the world’s most destructive weapons, looms in America’s future. Our enemies are vicious, hidden, and discrete. Today’s terrorists can strike at any place, at any time, and with virtually any weapon. It has therefore become essential that assets specific to the safety of the nation be immediately hardened.

The increased complexity of digital surveillance systems tasks providers to integrate a variety of products and platforms. A typical installation now involves multiple sensor types, communications platforms and sensors. We offer this level of integration and provide applied intelligence to a myriad of technical systems provides the solutions necessary to protect the nation’s infrastructure.

Applications include:

  • Correctional Facility Automation & Integration
  • Border Security
  • Railroad Security
  • Airport/Seaport Security
  • Military Facility Security